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Michael O’Shea’s recently erected dry sow house in Co. Offaly is the perfect example of Wright’s diverse product range for the agricultural construction sector.

The sow housing unit was developed to comply with revised housing regulations for the Irish Pig Industry. The house consisted of a central passage and 20 pens catering for 300 sows in total.

Soon after the shuttering contractor had completed the tank, our representative visited the site for inspection, taking detailed measurements and levels prior to delivery and installation. Our fitting crew spent 4 days carefully installing some 52 No. precast concrete beams and 185 No. 150mm pig slats.

Wright Insulated Exterior Wall Panels were designed, produced and installed around the perimeter of the building with holes cast for windows and vents. The two layers of high strength concrete encasing high grade insulation provides excellent thermal performance which was of particular interest to the client. After the steel contractor had erected the frame of the building it was ready for the quick installation of the 32 wall panels – fitted by our expert crew in just 1 day!

Farm manager and client Michael O’Shea was impressed with Wright product offering;

“The vast range of products, profiles and sizes on offer were impressive along with the in-house experts who we were in regular contact with. We look forward to working with the entire team again soon.”

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