Insulated Poultry Wall Panels

Insulated Poultry Wall Panels

Insulated Poultry Wall Panels

Wright Insulated Poultry Wall Panels have become a popular alternative to masonry block and shuttered walls thanks to their thermal performance, speed of installation, durability and smooth quality finish.

A&G Poultry from Co. Monaghan recently invested in three new houses for the breeding of broiler chickens which all feature our external wall panels. The first two houses accommodate female birds, whilst the third houses only males.

The panels were installed with a waterproof and airtight seal which helps reduce in-house perspiration. The high strength concrete which encases two variants of insulation has a clean and smooth finish which leaves the house easy to clean between batches. The client desired a frontal brick cladding so a rebate was provided on the gable wall panels.

It took just 2 days fitting for each house by Wright’s crew and other works on site could continue throughout the installation.

Wright Quarry Products have over 65 years of experience in the agricultural industry and have been producing agricultural precast products for over 30 of these years. To discuss your upcoming projects or to find out more about our extensive product range contact our sales team today or browse the agricultural section of the site.

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