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Poultry House

Poultry House Facility

A County Monaghan poultry farm, recently expanded their facilities with the erection of a new, state of the art broiler house with many modern features typical of the ever evolving poultry industry.

The farm operate a contract with Manor Farm in County Cavan, growing chicken meat on 6 week cycles. Chicks arrive on the farm as day olds and are sent to the factory with a target finish weight of 2.4kg. Weights are measured at regular intervals to track progress and optimise conditions for the birds.

The 28,000 capacity poultry house features a fully automated heating and ventilation system which maximises yield whilst reducing labour and waste, resulting in a more profitable enterprise. The house is heated using an indirect gas boiler with a finned pipe system attached to insulated precast walls. This system reduces the CO2 levels in the house dramatically which results in a healthier environment for the birds. Automated ventilation is provided using a Skov Ventilation System. Further efficiencies have been achieved through the use of an automated chore time feeding and drinking system supplied by a local firm.

The 28,000 capacity steel poultry house has external dimensions of 80m x 18m. The house has an integrated boiler room and generator store attached to the building using precast panels to form a streamlined flow of the building. The heating system is securely attached by bolts to the precast wall panels.

Wright Quarry Products were contracted to manufacture and install insulated concrete panels for the house. Wright Insulated Poultry Panels offer efficient thermal properties, a smooth easy clean finish and quick installation. Using only high quality material and modern production techniques, the finished product is highly durable and built to last!

Installed by our experienced fitters in just 1 and a half days, the build was able to progress without hitch and finish on schedule. Needless to say, the farm owner is pleased with the outcome;

‘I am very happy with Wright Quarry Products on the supply and fit of the wall panels. Right from the design stage the Wright Team were very helpful and considered every detail. The installation of the panels was extremely quick and with no mess on site. The panels themselves have a top class finish which leaves them easy to clean during wash out. They also provide excellent insulation which helps to reduce the heating costs of the house. Overall, a great product and a great end result.’

Project Facts:

  • Size – 80m x 18m
  • Capacity – 28,000 Birds
  • 6 week bird turnaround
  • Automated Gas heating system
  • Automated Ventilation system
  • Automated Feeding System
  • Automated Drinking System

Wright Quarry Products have over 65 years of experience in the agricultural industry and have been producing agricultural precast products for over 30 of these years. To discuss your upcoming projects or to find out more about our extensive product range contact our sales team today or browse the agricultural section of the site.

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