Not Your Average Slatted Shed!

Slurry Storage

Slatted Shed with Distinctive Slurry Storage System


Project Overview

Wrights recently installed concrete slats in this impressive slatted shed. The client had chosen an interesting and effective method of slurry storage, combining a shallow tank (1 foot in depth) with an intermediary external underground tank before pumping to an above ground slurry store.

The slatted shed is 185m in length with 28 pens each side of a central feeding passage where a diet feeder will be used to transport feed to more than 1,000 cattle. The cattle enter their pen directly from a walkway along each length of the building. The cattle shed also features a high ceiling which results in better ventilation and optimum weight gains.

Each pen consists of 2 runs of 12’6” concrete slat units manufactured and supplied by Wright Quarry Products. 12 manhole slats with concrete inserts are located at the bottom, top and mid-point of the slatted shed.  Four automated scrapers will push slurry to the end of the house and into a separate and enclosed underground tank before being treated and pumped to an above ground slurry store.

Quality Product and Installation

With multiple dry-cast concrete manufacturing lines our manufacturing team were able to turn out high quality concrete slats and swift rate. Our skilled installation crew were on site for just 12 days, carefully placing just under 600 concrete slats.

Our cattle slats are designed and manufactured in accordance with European Standards (EN 12737) and also animal welfare legislation. Wrights offer the most extensive range of grant approved concrete slats by the Irish Department of Agriculture ensuring we are best placed to meet customer demands.

Benefits of Concrete Slats

  • Efficient and safe collection and storage of slurry
  • Hygienic and easier to clean (reduced foot problems – eg. DD)
  • Improved welfare of livestock considerably during winter months
  • Reduced time and effort for farmers, allowing concentration elsewhere
  • Can be combined with rubber mats for enhanced animal comfort
  • Grooved slats now also available
  • Cost-effective with increasing price of straw

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