Steps for Stadium Extension

Steps for Stadium Extension

Steps for Stadium Extension

Maidstone United, UK, have recently expanded their stadium capacity from 2,200 to over 3,000 to cater for increasing demand.  Spanwright was selected by the main contractor to design, supply and install precast concrete stairs and concrete landing slabs along with precast concrete flooring for hospitality suites.

The stadium was first built in 2012 and features concrete terracing with a steel structure overhead. The £400,000 extension was completed on schedule in an impressive 12 weeks in time for the first home match of the season.

The precast concrete steps had a total width of 3.6m to cater for a high flow of foot traffic so consisted of 1.8m wide flights placed aside each other. Such is the level of accuracy in production that the identical concrete stairs fitted together perfectly. Solid landing slabs were also placed at the top of each flight as is the norm in many external steps. There was also a small floor area to be covered with 200mm prestressed concrete slabs.

Spanwright manufacture a range of concrete products for stadiums and similar projects;

Precast Concrete Steps
Precast Concrete Terrace Units
Hollowcore Concrete Flooring
Precast Concrete Wall Panels
Customised Concrete Products

Just some of the main benefits of precast concrete products in such projects include;

  • Cost effective
  • Quick and easy installation reducing site labour and associated risk
  • Minimal disruption to other site activities
  • Attractive and durable finishes easily achieved
  • Immediate safe working platform

We have 65 years of experience supplying Concrete Materials to the Construction Sector. We have established a strong reputation for quality concrete products and efficient, reliable service, while providing a diverse and ever expanding range of precast concrete products.Contact our technical sales team today to discuss upcoming project requirements.

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