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Concrete Drying Chamber & Airflow Tunnel

Wrights Concrete Drying Floor was launched in 2015 after identifying the need for a robust alternative to ventilated timber floor options. The product quickly gained the attention of arable farmers and wood chip drying facilities. After undertaking the first projects, it soon became apparent that a robust and easy to install main air duct would further enhance our product offering.

The Precast Concrete Drying Chamber channels air from the main fan system through to the underfloor channels. Pockets can be closed and opened with ease depending on the volume of product requiring dried.

The concrete drying chamber is made using high strength concrete and is a heavy duty alternative to timber air ducts. Loose material can be stacked against the chamber walls, eliminating the need for partition walls. Cleaning walls become a simple task as the hard-wearing concrete surface can withstand the pressure of power hoses.

Units are simple to install by comparison to panelised or insitu methods of construction. Tongue and groove edges allow for an air-tight seal after simply placing the units in line and sealing. Units can be manufactured to permit air-flow from one or two sides as required.

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