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Concrete Slurry Channels

The Wright precast concrete gravity flow Slurry Channel is the ideal solution for allowing the flow of slurry from farm buildings to the main storage tanks and lagoons. This efficient means of transfer reduces or eliminates the need for mechanical manure handling procedures thus reducing farm operational costs.

Some of the main features / benefits of our Slurry Channel systems are:
1. Reduces or eliminates mechanical manure handling
2. Reduced need for agitation of slurry inside the farm building
3. Manufactured using high strength concrete
4. Highly durable finished product
5. Excellent flow characteristics
6. Both Solid and Slatted covers available
7. An overlapping interlock key that can easily be sealed
8. Rapid installation
External Dimensions: 1.1 m (H) x 1.2 m (W) x 2.3 m (L)

Please browse through our product range and project case studies or speak to our experts today who will be happy to advise on the best solution for your individual needs.

Channel Covers

Our Engineers have designed a number of options for covering our slurry channel product to meet the changing client requirements which we have seen over the years. Ranging from Diagonal Slats which remove the manure quickly, to fully closed solid covers allowing the passage of some farm machinery, Wright‘s covering products provide an excellent Agricultural Precast solution.

Diagonal Covers / Straight Covers | Solid Covers – Precast | Solid Covers – Prestressed

Some of the main features / benefits of our channel covers include:
1. Diagonal Covers:
– Heavy Duty 6 tonne axle loading
– Fast draining of slurry
– Durable slip resistant surface
– Fast Installation

2. Straight Covers:
– Heavy Duty 8 tonne axle loading
– Fast Installation

3. Solid Covers
– Heavy Duty 5tonne axle loading
– Fast Installation

Prestressed: (screed required)
– Heavy Duty 10tonne axle loading
– Safety Manhole access
– Strong, durable cover
– Fast Installation


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