Concrete Stairs & Landing Slabs

Concrete Stairs & Landing Slabs

Concrete Stairs are the ideal method of providing access to basements, upper floors and lofts in both commercial and residential projects. Landing slabs can be cast along with the stair flight or as separate units depending on individual project requirements.

Precast concrete stairs provide safe, solid & instant access during construction and a secure base for attractive finishes in the completed construction. The benefits of concrete construction with relation to fire make concrete stairs essential in some buildings.

Concrete stairs will significantly reduce noise caused by people moving around a building. Concrete stairs and landing slabs, fitted along with concrete floors and accompanied by an appropriate handrail provide a fast and safe solution to the problem of access to upper floors for following trades.

  • Speed and ease of Installation
  • Immediate access between floor levels
  • Cost Effective
  • Variety of Sizes/Types
  • High Fire Resistance
  • Variety of Finish
  • Reduced Noise
  • Compliance with Building Control Regulations
  • Can Accommodate Progressive Collapse Requirements

Spanwright’s¬†design team provide stair solutions specific to each project in compliance with relevant building regulations. Stairs are designed and detailed to suit the requirements of each job. Progressive collapse details can be accommodated if required.

Precast stairs and landing slabs are normally placed along with the flooring installation giving immediate safe access to upper floors.

Concrete stairs provide a much safer means of accessing other floors during construction than ladders or other temporary systems.

Surface finish
Concrete stairs are cast in high quality steel or timber moulds. One surface, the top, bottom or one edge will be troweled, depending on the manufacturing process. Many of our stairs have been left with the original finish, particularly for external stair applications. Landing slabs are normally left roughened to receive an onsite screed.

Using concrete as a resilient, solid, durable base, attractive finishes can be added in the form of timber, stone, tiles or another finish of choice.

Precast stairs are the fast effective way to provide access to multiple floors.

Spanwright cast a proprietary lifting system in the stairs. After installation the void formed by the lifting system is made good by others.

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