Reinforced Hollowcore Flooring

Reinforced Hollowcore Flooring

Precast Flooring is a reinforced concrete product, tailored primarily to the requirements of residential flooring. The product is designed, manufactured and certified to EN 12737 in our ISO 9001:2008 accredited plants. Transport and installation by our fitting crews is facilitated by our competent customer support team.

  • Stock Item (50mm Increments) fast turn around
  • No Precamber – Ideal for finishing trades
  • 600mm wide lighter unit requires smaller crane
  • Cantilever up to 1500mm achievable in standard units
  • 210 Slab meets airborne sound resistance of 300kg/m2

Concrete Floors, sometimes referred to as concrete planks are used at ground and first floor level in houses depending on the requirements.

The benefits of using Precast Concrete Flooring are:

A large stock of sizes in 50mm increments allows fast and efficient delivery times.

Our highly efficient production technologies combined with our range of products and experience in design of precast elements enables us to provide cost efficient solutions.

Fitting of precast is a fast process and not subject to the same weather dependency as traditional construction methods with an average house being covered within a few hours.

Specially designed for residential construction, Spanwright precast comes in 600mm wide, lighter weight units and is simple to finish with it’s zero camber profile.

A Solid Ground Floor
The traditional problems of subsiding floors where fill is deep or poorly compacted is easily solved by use of a suspended concrete floor.

A Secure First Floor
The excellent fire resistance and sound barrier provided by a concrete first floor make it an essential component of a safe and quiet home.

A Safe First Floor
Spanwright’s attention to safety combined with the usefulness of a concrete floor as a safe platform for following trades will aid the running of a safe site.

A Simple Ground Floor
A floor can be prepared off site complete with service openings and brought to site ready to be installed, grouted and used as a platform for the rest of construction.


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