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Removable Roof Shed

Utilising the skills of a professional design and installation team, Wright’s Removable Roof Shed is fabricated to a high standard using durable material and proven components for the retractable roof mechanism.

The delivery can be fully tipped directly in the rear of the shed thus allowing a second delivery if required in front of this. Some customers have reported bulk delivery savings in the region of €500 per load. The shed also comes with a bird proof front screen which can be opened and closed with ease and helps protect the stored material from the elements of the weather.

No additional on-site handling of the delivery is required and this provides additional business efficiencies and savings on our carbon footprint.

Wright Retractable Roof Benefits:
1. The design can be applied to single or multi-bay stores
2. Allows Bulk Delivery of food stuffs easily and quickly.
3. Supplied and installed by experienced Wright staff
4. Sheds are fully secured eliminating stock loss through scavenging
5. Get the benefit of cheaper food stuffs by buying in bulk.
6. Entire roof can be opened in seconds

Please do not hesitate to make contact and consult with our Agricultural department regarding the use of our products for your construction project.



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