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Ventilated Concrete Drying Floor

Wright Flooring Solution – Multi Sector

Wrights ventilated concrete floor is designed to cater for a variety of drying requirements from woodchip to arable crops. High strength concrete combined with modern precast production techniques has resulted in a hard wearing, durable and sustainable floor capable of withstanding heavy machinery across many sectors. The Wright ventilated floor solution has been design to provide a greater life span than other hard wood ventilated floor comparisons – especially around the building entrance where increased traffic occurs.

Supported on timber bearers, the Wright products piece together to create the floor system, allowing an undisruptive and evenly dispersed flow of air to pass through the floor and into the store above where the material requiring drying is kept.

The Wright ventilated floor solution caters for farmers and other commercial businesses who rely on either woodchip to fuel their biomass burners or harvest grain for various purposes. At suitable intervals, both woodchip and grain can be stored and dried on this same Wright ventilated floor thus providing many cost saving benefits to their business under one roof.

Wright Concrete Drying Floor benefits:

  • Multi-crop drying & cooling solution
  • Fast & Simple Installation
  • Reduced labour costs / Reduced Material costs
  • Removable Mesh
  • Heavy machinery up to 15t axle loading
  • Hard-wearing durable surface – support high pressure washing
  • Excellent protection against pests and vermin

 Please do not hesitate to make contact and consult with our Agricultural department regarding the use of our products for your construction project.


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