CE Certified Concrete Products

CE Certified Concrete Products

Product confidence and compliance with relevant regulations is essential to our customers. Wright’s have a dedicated quality team responsible for maintaining our reputation for quality concrete products.

Our facilities have effective control systems in place operating in harmony with our CE marking requirements. Factory control procedures undergo regular review by internal and external experts.

Concrete Products

Download the relevant Declaration of Performance (DoP) below:

Swanns Cross
Middletown, Armagh
Precast Concrete Hollowcore Flooring WCP1168
Precast Concrete Floor Plates WCP13747
Precast Concrete Stairs WCP14843
Cattle Slats WQP12737-A3 HPP12737-A3
Pig & Sheep Slats WQP12737-B2B3 HPP12737-B2B3
Precast Concrete Beams WCP13225 WQP13225 HPP13225
Precast Concrete Wall Elements WCP14992 WQP14992
Precast Concrete Wall Elements WCP15258 WQP15258
Concrete Kerb Units WQP1340