Corporate Policies

Our Corporate Policies


Wright Quarry & Concrete Products strive to identify current and future customer needs, to meet their requirements and to exceed their expectations. Top management ensure that the focus on improving customer satisfaction is maintained by setting objectives related to levels of customer satisfaction at management review meetings.

Top management also ensures that customer requirements are understood and met. Customer complaints and other forms of customer feedback are continually monitored and measured to identify opportunities for improvement. We continually look for ways to interact directly with our customers to ensure that we focus on their unique needs & expectations.


Quality, Environment, & Health & Safety Policies


The company has established corporate policies in relation to Quality, Health & Safety and the Environmental goals of the business, committing to continually improve in all that we do and in line with standards and best practice.

Wrights corporate policies act as a compass by providing the direction and framework for establishing key business performance measures, as well as related objectives and targets. Top management ensures that our corporate policies are established and documented, and that the policies are available to all interested parties via our website.

Top management have overall responsibility for defining, documenting, implementing and reviewing our policies in consultation with our management teams and other personnel, or their representatives. The policies are reviewed at least annually, as part of the formal management review programme or at the frequency determined by:

  • The changing needs and expectations of relevant interested parties
  • The risks and opportunities that are presented through the risk management process
  • The impacts which are presented through the environmental aspects process
  • Occupational hazards identified
  • Any mandatory and voluntary compliance obligations identified


Read more about each of our policies in the downloads below:

Environmental Policy (PDF) Environmental Management ISO 14001
Quality Policy (PDF) Quality Assurance Management ISO 9001
Health & Safety Policy (PDF) Occupational Health & Safety ISO 45001 : 2018